Founded in Grasse in 1973, the company is specialised in the production of hemisynthesis raw materials from essential oils and designed for the manufacture of perfume concentrates.

Our expertise covers the field of perfumes creations for various applications. A team of experienced perfumers creates perfume according to our clients' requirements and fashion trends.

Logo Société Grassoise de Parfumerie Etudes et Diffusions Olfactives André Truchi
Logo Société Grassoise de Parfumerie Etudes et Diffusions Olfactives André Truchi
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This activity is divided between the two sites SGP 2 and SGP 3.


These sites use technological advanced equipments, for quality, security and environment-friendly standards.


SGP 3 also has a research and development laboratory to constantly work at improving existing production procedures and to seek out new synthesis directions.


Raw materials are obtained principally by hemi-synthesis starting from around one hundred essential oils including: Chinese eucalyptus oil, Madagascan clove oil, USA cedar wood oil, Haitian vetyver oil, Paraguayan guaiac wood oil, Egyptian geranium oil...


This range of essentials oils derivatives comply with an accurate physico-chemical and olfactory norms.

photo portrait André Truchi Paul-Etienne

André TRUCHI and his father, 1986



The Société Grassoise de Parfumerie was created by André TRUCHI and his father, Paul-Etienne TRUCHI.



SGP bought the company J.B. Selin & Miquelis.



Purchase of Etudes & Diffusions Olfactives, current subsidiary for perfume compounds.



The company acquires a third site in Grasse, for the production of raw materials.



Creation of Grasse French Perfume, our new production site of fragrance oils in the United Arab Emirates, managed by Audrey Truchi, André Truchi's daughter.

2013 & 2015


Benjamin et Sébastien, André Truchi's two other sons, respectively integrate the Société Grassoise de Parfumerie.




Our perfumers are available and at your service to create the fragrances that you are expecting.

Our own production of natural and synthetic products allow us to offer an exceptional price-quality ratio.

Our manufacturing workshops are fully robot equiped as to assure quality, traceability and speedness of production.

Our analytical laboratory (chromatograph and latest-generation mass spectrometer) ensures a quality follow up for your compositions.

André Truchi parfumeur Etudes et Diffusions Olfactives


Société Grassoise de Parfumerie

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